A Satirical Poem on the Subject of Liturgical Reform
I suspect some people have totally missed the point of this tread. I am not satirising the Traditional Mass (I attend it, I am a Traditionalist), I am satirising modernist liturgists.  It is funny (I thought) because this is exactly the kind of stuff they say. I wrote the poem, but I am not the narrator.

If you see something untruthful in the poem (e.g. the priest faced the wall, not the Blessed Sacrament), then it is meant to be there, otherwise, the satire would be ineffective. Would you ever hear a modernist liturgist say "father faced the Blessed Sacrament"? No because that undermines their argument for doing away with ad Orientem, which is why they say things like "we needed to change, because the priest faced the wall and had his back to the people".


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