What It's Like To Be a Man

                          It means pondering over deep thoughts at 3 am like, "Who was that guy who played QB in the NFL in the 50's but then went to play in the CFL in Canada before coming back to the AFL in the 60's", and then realizing it was Frank Tripucka.
Where to begin?

It means having the responsibility of being the keystone for the family; financially, morally, spiritually. It means making the tough calls for the family, and going to work for my family. Setting a solid example for the kids. It means that when the flying feces hits the oscillating air circulating rotor the wife and kids look to you for guidance and strength. It means digging deeper to support those you love when you're running on empty andhave nothing left to give, but not letting that worry show. It means loving your family regardless. Protecting them. It means hugs from the kids.

On a lighter note, it also means fishing, hunting, and that I'm easily entertained with a good soccer match, beer, spinners/flies, or 7.62 ammo. Not necessarily in that order.
I have always remembered a line from the movie: "As Good As It Gets". Jack Nicholson's character, Melvin is a writer. One of his women fans bubblingly asks him, "How do you write so well for women?". His answer is kinda, like his character, insensitively dead on: "I write for a man and I take way reason and accountability".
(04-25-2016, 05:45 PM)Zedta Wrote: I have always remembered a line from the movie: "As Good As It Gets". Jack Nicholson's character, Melvin is a writer. One of his women fans bubblingly asks him, "How do you write so well for women?". His answer is kinda, like his character, insensitively dead on: "I write for a man and I take way reason and accountability".

:LOL: :LOL: :LOL: Amen brother!
(11-08-2014, 09:32 PM)RedCaves Wrote: What do you hate about being a man?

[color=red]1) Knowing that I belong to a gender that is more responsible, than any other gender, in harming women, children, and other men.

As DS said, women commit a very large percentage of child abuse, and women abuse men as well, using weapons against them far more often than men use weapons against women.

Let me tell you something else about the sex you belong to:  It is the sex that built the pyramids, the cathedrals, the universities, the hospitals, great tunnels that go through mountains, huge bridges whose foundations are under deep waters -- the sex that has undertaken incredible feats of engineering, from doing the engineering itself to actually building the structures.

It's the sex that invented science and math.

It's the sex that builds houses, and fills those houses with things they invented -- things like washing machines that make women's lives exponentially easier.

It's the sex that goes to war to defend women, children, country, and, back in the day, the Faith.

It's the sex that thought up, designed, built, and maintains all of the infrastructure we all take for granted -- water systems, sewer systems, the electric grid, etc.

It's the sex that invented computers and most computer languages.

It's the sex whose young members dream of becoming firemen, cops, and astronauts -- and the sex that grows up to do those things, running into burning buildings to save lives, facing down bad guys to protect others, exploring space.

It's the sex that built and navigated the great tall ships of yore so they could explore the world at huge risk to their very lives.

It's the sex that tries to make women happy far more often than women try to make men happy.

It's the sex that melts when seeing their newborn babies and looks at their wives with newfound respect and love for giving them children.

It's the sex puts up with feminist nonsense, incredibly harmful-to-men laws, a man-hating culture (at least when it comes to white men) with only rare complaint (something that needs to change!).

It's the sex that instinctively opens doors for women, helps us carry heavy things, opens jars we can't open, walks with us to our cars when it's dark in order to protect us, climbs up on tall ladders to get leaves out of gutters, scales roofs to patch leaks, changes alternators in cars, etc., etc., etc. -- and all with far, far, FAR too little gratitude in return.

It's the sex that tills the fields, plants the seeds, and harvests the crops that keep keep the world from starving.

It's the sex that hunts for meat and cleans the catches so we don't starve.

It's the sex that often takes on the entire onus of financially supporting not just themselves, but their entire families.

It's the sex that is crapped on constantly by our culture, but whose members keeps plugging away, doing what they need to do.

It's the sex that has the burden of initiating potentially-romantic contact with the other sex, something that is frightening -- terrifying! -- and that most women haven't thought twice about. Ha, most women haven't even thought once about what men go through in that regard!

It's the sex whose members typically have beautiful strong arms, big, strong hands, strong legs, strong backs, beautiful penises (sorry to be blunt, but it's so), adorable Adam's apples, and that smells heavenly to boot.

It's the sex that has to hide its feelings when the going gets rough in order to be strong for others.

It's the sex that takes risks so the world can become a better place.

It's the sex that operates under concepts such as HONOR.

It's the sex that has to undergo a huge psychological upheaval in childhood, having to separate from the feminine and come to identify with the masculine -- a very tricky and difficult thing to do and something most women don't have a clue about (or else there wouldn't be so many single mothers who willed to be single mothers).

It's the sex that is able to work out a pecking order so they can organize and get things done efficiently, without all the bitchy, gossipy, backstabbing nonsense that's typical of the female sex.

It's the sex that is being deprived of due process on college campuses, blamed for all the evils of the world (at least white men), depicted in the media as being doofuses or nasty brutes, and depicted on campuses as being rapists.

It's the sex that typically gets sent to jail for a domestic disturbance even if females started it and committed all the violence.

It's the sex that can bond together in ways that the female sex can't even begin to imagine.

It's the sex that takes responsibility for its own issues instead of engaging in displacement and projection, blaming others for their own problems.

It's the sex that gives and gives and gives and asks so little in return -- and rarely even gets that.

It's the sex that God designed to be the heads of their households, not in a tyrannical way, but in a way that is a burden, a duty -- a duty that goes so far as their emulating Christ even to the point of death to protect their families.

It's the sex that goes and checks things out when someone hears something strange in the middle of the night, the sex that takes the spiders outside, the sex that fixes toilets, and deals with cob-webby crawl spaces to keep the home going.

It's the sex that I wish every single woman in the world, especially in the West, would stop, for just one freaking minute, would think about and come to show respect for and gratitude toward.

MEN ARE BEAUTIFUL! Men are the most beautiful creatures on earth. Whoever taught you to not like your own sex is wrong -- absolutely, horribly wrong -- and I so pray you snap out of that mindset and embrace the masculine as the great gift to the world that it is.

God bless men! God bless each and every man reading this! I, for one, as a woman, am grateful to you.
(11-08-2014, 09:32 PM)RedCaves Wrote: Do you think women, in general, lack understanding about what it's like to be a man? If so, does the lack of understanding turn into a lack of compassion or respect?

They don't. Men are simple, generally speaking. Fear and frustration of men is what most women understand about them. I don't blame them for thinking like that. There is more to it than that since everyone has a complex personality, but women realize that despite progress in equality and recognition of a woman's dignity, it's still a "man's world".

I have to respond to this as well: It is very much not a man's world any longer. Not at all. Not even close. We live in a veritable matriarchy, and the laws, what's going on at our campuses, how men are portrayed, etc., prove it. Aside from men who are in that 1%, men are about as powerless as they can be aside from their physical power.

Further, women shouldn't be afraid of "men." Women need to be afraid of a sub-set of men who are rapists, voyeurs, serial killers, abusers, etc., but not of "men." The aforementioned bad guys are a minority, and a woman who is afraid "of men" is being a bigot (but, DS, a woman who isn't aware of, afraid of, and smart enough to take precautions against that sub-set of men is an idiot).
Men did not invent Math.  We discovered it.
This was a valuable educational experience for that woman, but in the end she doesn't really get it. She advises us to find ways to be more intimate with each other. What a joke. But, hey, she's a woman, so it's okay she doesn't really get being a man. It's nice that she questioned some of her feminist assumptions.

Nice homage to men, Vox.

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