85 richest now have as much money as poorest 3.5B
(12-08-2014, 08:28 AM)Oldavid Wrote:
(12-07-2014, 09:09 PM)J Michael Wrote: I'll try to be a good boy and not steal your thunder.  Smile
On the contrary, Mr Michael, I am delighted to have you "steal my thunder".  The greatest compliment an explainer can have is if the explainee catches on to the explanation.

Anyhow, as with swords, so it is with money... there are the victors and the vanquished.

My guess is that you can understand that.

Get your thunder stealing arse into gear and save me lots of tortuous explanations.

But I *like* your explanations! Grin

So...I guess we're stuck with capitalism in some form or other; we can mitigate to some extent its effects pretty much solely as individuals or families (perhaps by living as simply as possible and participating in the system as little as possible?); it ain't gonna get "better"; we should strive for sinlessness (I think that'd be given, anyway); and we got what we deserved.  Yes?
Sorry I've been so slow in replying. I have, once again, been "wasting" my wifely allotted time on the 'net by arguing with smug, God-hating Materialists.

Firstly, Mr Michael, what we "collectively deserve" has very little to do with what we individually deserve or get. History is bulging to overflowing with saints who have suffered mercilessly through no fault of their own in perverse and corrupt social and political systems. The Great Mother's Boy and His Apostles are testament to that (along with a great many others unknown and unrecorded).

Being obliged to use the system in place to be able to live in society and nurture your offspring is not the same as exploiting it to usuriously claim real wealth that is in no way a fair payment for your services rendered to the "commonwealth".

That, of course, has little, if anything, to do with how money can, or should, come into existence. Money, whatever it's made of, is a man-made convenience for trading. It is not a commodity that is regulated only by the money creators' assessment of your capacity to service a loan that exists only as a book entry.

I've just about come to the end of my sobriety. I look forward to some provocative comments.

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