Cupich's "designed money grab" in Spokane, will it sink him in Chicago?
Cupich is not returning phone calls on this one
    Spokane Bishop Blase Cupich’s former top lieutenant told attorneys that Cupich has attempted a money grab against the law firm that guided the church through bankruptcy proceedings.

The allegations leveled by the Spokane Diocese against Paine Hamblen, the downtown Spokane firm that represented the church in bankruptcy proceedings sparked by multiple cases of priest sexual abuse, came seven years after a settlement designed to limit the diocese’s liability in future claims. In January, the diocese asked a federal judge to overturn an order to pay attorney fees to the firm...
  "Former Vicar General Steve Dublinski, who resigned in August after what he called “irreconcilable differences” with Cupich on several matters, said in a recorded interview with attorneys last month that Cupich told him the complaints against Paine Hamblen were a designed money-grab.

“We are throwing mud at Paine-Hamblen to see if any mud sticks,” Dublinski recalled Cupich saying after the pair discussed the complaint. Dublinski also said he was pressured by the church’s attorneys into supporting the lawsuit, which was part of the reason he resigned."



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