Muslims worshipping at the National Cathedral
This ksis disturbing. What do you all think of this nonsense? I know the National Cathedral is protestant, but this is still very telling of the times. I can't help but feel that America is being slowly subverted by the cult of islam. I am truly disgusted and I don't know what's worse; the muslims involved who are indeed connected with terrorists, or the so-called "Christians" who are condoning this crap, spouting off the usual taken-out-of-context, "love thy enemy" and, "judge not" lines.
There's no link here seanpie, is there someplace you got this story from?

Here's a link to the story. Thankfully it's an Episcopal "cathedral" and not a Catholic Church. It's still sad but not surprising considering it's the Episcopalian sect.
I love tearing peoples theology apart when they say not to judge people or love your enemy. Its really not a difficult thing to understand which is why it blows my mind that people don't get it. We are suppose to judge immoral actions but not the final destination of ones soul or there motives. The love thy enemies things is just a lack of understanding of the notion of love. Love is not the warm fuzzing feeling. It is the act of the will. Willing the best for someone, which in the case of loving thy enemies means willing them to turn from their evil ways. I love ISIS in the context that I will that they stop what they are doing and repent but it doesn't negate the responsibility to protect the innocent from their violence or call us to just look the other way. People today just confuse love with liking something and judgement with complacency.

But Im just talking in circles here. I agree that it is insane that a Cathedral would let Muslims worship there. Their religion is not valid and allowing a false religion to worship in the house of God is disrespectful to Lord Jesus Christ, especially when it is by those who slander our faith and see it as corrupt.
At least the Muslims were worshipping there and not being worshipped there. For Anglicans, I suspect thatis progress.
pretty sure they have a stained glass rendering of darth vader there, so whatever.

edit: a gargoyle actually.

the place is a joke, like protestantism, like islam.

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