Santa Muerte Or “Saint Death”
Quote:Devotion to the Santa Muerte is growing faster than any other devotion amongst Mexicans.  It probably will spread to other races as well.  It is worshiping death.  Death is only the absence of life.

A woman gave me two small statues of the Santa Muerte to destroy.  So I decided to do what the early Catholics did and smash the false god.

I was so surprise to find inside these statues a black and red seed.  These are the satanic colors.  Also in the larger one were other tan seeds.

As the Catholic faith is watered down and not practiced, people look for something else to have faith in.  Also, when a Catholic prays to God or asks for the intercession of the Virgin Mary or an other saint to God for help, the answered prayer is not always instantaneous.  The answer may even be NO because what is being asked for is not beneficial for our eternal well being.

So people quickly try evil things to get what they want, especially worldly blessings like money or a lover or things.

We traditional Catholics know that God answers prayers, especially at the Holy Latin Mass.  But we also know that it must be what is good for us spiritually and be God’s will.
He is supposedly the "patron saint" of the cartels and drug smugglers.  Learned this from sitting with my 81 year old mother in law who likes to watch Border Wars and other drug related reality tv shows on NatGeo  and  the Discovery Channel, etc. 

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