New FSSP chapel in Los Angeles
For those of you in Los Angeles, California there is a new FSSP chapel opening soon, the following letter has all the details,  sorry if this was reported already, I haven't posted in awhile and didn't look to see if this was posted yet.  I'm jealous, I wish this letter was for my diocese and my bishop was doing this. I would love to see them here.

November 9, 2014
Greetings in the Good Lord,
If you have received this letter, it is because you have either given me your business card, or
someone has recommended you to me, and has told me that you would be interested in the most
amazing project that is happening in the Archdiocese at this time.
His Excellency Archbishop Gomez has invited the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter to Los Angeles
to establish a parish in a central location within the Archdiocese! This is an amazing project: to
establish a parish like no other. (Seriously: There won’t be another like it.)
Two months ago I arrived in Los Angeles and I have been working with the Archdiocese to
acquire a church - possibly an existing Protestant church - and convert it into this new parish for the
Archdiocese. This new parish will be dedicated exclusively to the Latin Mass (now known as the
Extraordinary Form of the Mass). It will be complete with all the sacraments and formation and a
charater that you would expect from a parish of the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter. Our parishes are so
special, that in some parts of the country parishioners will travel across two states to attend Mass in the
parish they love and consider their home.
With this letter I want to inform you of the good news! And also to invite you to join us as we
begin this historical undertaking! This is what you can do:
1) While we continue to look for our permanent place, I am offering daily Mass at San Felipe Chapel -
a small chapel in East LA. (738 N Geraghty Ave., Los Angeles, 90063)
11:00 AM Sundays, 7:00 PM Mondays, and 7:00 AM the rest of the week. Confessions before.
2) Beginning on the First Sunday of Advent (November 30th) we will be offering a High Mass at St.
Victor’s Catholic Church in West Hollywood, at 7:00 PM every Sunday during Advent, and if it is
well attended we will continue every Sunday, indefinitely. Be sure not to miss this opportunity!!
I have included a flier with this letter so you can also tell your friends. COME!
3) Visit the website!
4) Join The Table. You can find links to it on The Table is our virtual “parish hall”. And it is open
to EVERYONE! (No commitment necessary to join, and minimal information to sign up.) Come join
us! Here you will find out the information as it happens, as well as have the opportunity to meet
everyone else who is so excited about this project.
5) You can also send back the enclosed sign-up sheet and I will contact you when the parish opens!
God bless you!
Fr J Fryar
Address 645 W. 9th St, Unit #110-419, Los Angeles CA 90015 Tel (323)454-1002 eMail

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