The Life and Martyrdom of St. Cecilia: Patroness of Musicians
There is a new free Audiobook of the great Roman Martyr St. Cecilia (and also her husband Valerian, and his brother Tibertius) availble on AlleluiaAudiobooks.

St. Cecilia was so pure that she had the privilege of seeing her guardian angel.  Through her marriage and witness to the Catholic religion she converted her husband who also shared in the ability to see the angel which protected her virginity. Both her and her husband went on to do it great things for the Church before their martyrdom’s including converting over 400 people.

This Catholic Audiobook is based on the scholarly work of Servant of God Dom. Prosper Gueranger, the great author of The Liturgical year, who also wrote over a 400 page book translating the Acts of St Cecilia, a history of devotion to her, and a defense of the veracity and accuracy of the original acts.  Anyone who is inclined to doubt the story should consider consulting his larger work for his defense of it, and should keep in mind that his body is incorrupt and that his scholarship is greatly respected.

You can download or listen to the Audiobook here

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Lovely parish in St. Louis , Mo.  St. Cecilia 's
Catholic Church.
Here are some photos.
[Image: Waterhouse%2C_John_William_-_Saint_Cecilia_-_1895.jpg]

A blessed feast of St. Cecilia! She lived in Rome around 230 AD. Cecilia kept a lifelong vow of chastity in the face of her imposed marriage. She converted her husband to Christianity. Both were martyred. Cecilia is the patroness of music due the the fact that she sang beautiful hymns to Our Lord on her wedding day. This ethereal painting, "St. Cecilia" was done by John William Waterhouse 1849--1917.
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St. Cecilia sang beautiful hymns to our Lord in her heart, it was not actually a vocal performance :)

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