Vox Begs Again

The money-begging email I sent out -- just in case you missed it :P :

[Image: dog-begging.gif]

Yes, it's that time again -- time for FishEaters to beg for money. Sorry! I know it's awful to get emails like these, but a website person's gotta do what a website person's gotta do. So here I am, asking you to send me the contents of your wallet, your ATM card and PIN number, and a few autographed but otherwise blank checks. And cookies (I mean, if you're sending things anyway...)

Seriously, since that's a little too much to ask, I'll list a few ways to really help:
  • You could subscribe and offer monthly financial help through PayPal as well. To do this, visit FishEaters' front page, click on the large "Keep FE Alive" graphic at the bottom, type in your donation amount, and select  "Make this recurring (monthly)".
  • Send paper checks (remember those?) to:
              Tracy Tucciarone
              736 North Bosart Avenue
              Indianapolis, IN  46201-2955  USA
  • Advertise on the FishEaters website itself, or on its forum.

There are ways to help having nothing to do with money, too.  Registering at the discussion forum and posting interesting things to keep FishEaters fresh and traffic flowing is always welcome! Invite a friend or two join up! Praying for the website, offering up a Rosary or a Novena (particularly to St. Joseph) now and again, is another way to help.

However you decide to help, know it's appreciated very, very much! Unlike CatholicCulture.org and other well-funded, trad-bashing sites that claim to need thousands of dollars a week to have a website (ha) -- and actually get it -- I can't offer "matching grants" whereby you donate $2 and some rich neo-conservative offers another $2 to match, so it's just you and me keeping FishEaters alive. We don't need a whole lot to do that, but we definitely need more than what's coming in right now to do so without worry. And please, if you think, "What could a lousy coupla bucks do?", imagine if each person thinking that were to offer it! What you might consider small amounts definitely add up!

As always, though, I do NOT want financial help from those who really can't afford it. I don't want anyone feeling bad if they're just -- well, as broke as I am and can't give even though they want to. As things are at present, the site will not disappear tomorrow even if FishEaters were to receive nothing right this second. But I have  lost of a number of subscriptions with too few new subscriptions to replace them. Like the Grand Hotel, with FishEaters "people come, people go" (hence the periodic fund-raising efforts), and I want to look ahead and be safe, to not have to worry about money or any imminent possibility of the site going down in the future, etc. And I do need to eat, of course :P

So there it is! I've asked for help and will leave you alone now. God bless "all y'all"! And thank you so much!


Bumping this to get it to show up before the Thanksgiving Day well-wishing in this sub-forum, and to make it visible from the front page. Fund-raising isn't going well at all, alas. It's rough out there, I guess! At least I know it's rough for all the people I know personally. So many of us are struggling so hard...

But if we can get just 50 people who do each have $1 a week to spare to subscribe at just $4 a month (less than the cost of one Cinnamon Dolce Latte Venti at Starbucks!), I could relax. So close (one'd think, anyway) -- yet so far!

[Image: savefisheaters.png]

$1.00 a week. That's about 14 cents a day -- the kind of money a lot of folks wouldn't bother picking up if they dropped it. Surely what FishEaters offers is worth that! Think of the number of souls who've been brought to Tradition (or to Christ's Church in the first place) because of this website. And think of the large number of men who've entered the seminary in order to become traditionalist priests because of FishEaters (the count is in the teens right now, and those are just the men I've heard from)! There've also been a few people who've become trads and discovered they have religious vocations that I've heard from as well!

This site helps save souls and form priests. If that's not worth (at least!) one Starbucks Cinnamon Dolce Latte Venti a month, then what the heck is?


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