CBCP official initiates meeting with SSPX in PH
Neopelagianus Wrote:I do hope though that they are not doing this because the SSPX is in "schism". But I doubt that reasoning. This is the same CBCP that collaborated with the SSPX for a Rosary Crusade against the RH Bill.

Quote:QUEZON City, Nov. 25, 2014—Episcopal Commission on Interreligious Dialogue (ECID) of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) executive secretary Fr. Carlos Reyes, along with the Catholic Faith Defenders (CFD) Manila, met with some members of the Society of Saint Pius X (SSPX) on Tuesday, Nov. 18, at Our Lady of Victories Church in New Manila, Quezon City in a bid to foster cordial ties with the traditionalist group ‘ut unum sint’ (that they may be one”).

“Our encounter was more of a ‘getting-to-know-each-other’ thing … Cardinal Müller and Bishop Fellay of SSPX held an earlier meeting last September, so this one in Manila was just in keeping with that,” the priest told CBCPNews in an interview.

For more than an hour, Reyes talked to SSPX members Fr. Thomas Onoda; Fr. Allan Nely, Assistant to the Superior General; Fr. Emerson Salvador; Fr. Michael Fortin; Bro. Andre Demafelis; and Bro. Hyacinth Pereño

Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Müller, the current prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, and Bishop Bernard Fellay, SSPX superior general met in the Vatican on Sept. 23 to discuss matters that “stand in the way of full communion”.

Reyes stressed the Archdiocese of Manila (RCAM) is committed to enforcing the decision made by Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI in July 2, 2009 to show “fatherly solicitude to the ‘Society of St Pius X’ in order that it rediscover full communion with the Church”.

While he admits the Church’s relationship with SSPX lies beyond the competence of CBCP-ECID, Reyes believes it is his duty as a Catholic priest to reach out to the group.

“Some canonical issues were taken up during the meeting and I will refer those matters to CBCP President Abp. Socrates Villegas and Cardinal Orlando Quevedo, head of the CBCP Doctrine of the Faith,” he shared.

“It is hard work and requires much patience and truthful charity. It would be retrograde therefore to demonize the SSPX,” the priest added.

Neopelagianus Wrote:Yeah. Father is correct. I know a certain blogger-priest who does this. I would spare you the site link and the name of this priest. That priest is a good apologist, I say. But when it comes to the SSPX, he would demonize them as if they are a greater enemy that the infidel Mohammedans.

Robertson T. Poblete, CFD Manila president, stated their encounter with SSPX was a sincere effort at “permanent and renewed dialogue within the Church”.

Neopelagianus Wrote:I follow his blog. He is a good and a nice young Catholic, a convert from Protestantism (the let-us-break-iddles-type a.k.a "Fundamentalist Born Again Christians"). I have some very good combox conversations with him.

Quoting Pope St. John Paul II in the 1984 apostolic exhortation “Reconciliatio et Pænitentia” (Reconciliation and Penance), Poblete asserted “listening to one another, respect, refraining from all hasty judgments, patience, the ability to avoid subordinating the faith which unites to the opinions, fashions and ideological choices which divide … are all qualities of a dialogue within the church which must be persevering, open and sincere”.

Neopelagianus Wrote:Good quotation, I say.

Zenit.org reported that during the meeting between Müller and Fellay, “various problems of a doctrinal canonical nature were examined, and it was decided to proceed gradually and over a reasonable period of time in order to overcome difficulties and with a view to the envisioned full reconciliation.” (Raymond A. Sebastián/CBCPNews)

My wife is from the Philippines where she attended the SSPX.  This meeting seems to me to be very significant.  From what I understand, there are quite a few Filipino bishops/priests hostile to the SSPX.  This would signal to them and the Church in the Philippines that the priests and laity of the SSPX are indeed INSIDE the Catholic Church and to be treated as such!  This is true ecumenism, ie dialogue from within the Church!!

I hope representatives from the USCCB will reach out to the SSPX like this!

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