The Art of Celebrating Advent (and in turn, Christmas) Properly
Lovely post. Thank you for sharing it!

I once heard a priest (I think) say the following:

Advent is an allegory for the final age and the coming of Christ.

Christians use Advent to build up faith, quietude, silence, righteousness, hope, penitence, fasting, and charity. They will neither party nor exult before the time is accomplished. They will not rejoice in days before the coming of Christ, but during the 12 great days of Christmas, and the full 40 until Candlemas. This represents the movement from this world to eternity.

Pagans, on the other hand, use Advent to build up unbelief, noise, inner disturbance, iniquity, hopelessness, ease, gluttony, and selfishness. They party hard until Christmas or the day after, then celebrate their own hangover in a person hell for days afterward. They find their joy on this earth, and nothing means anything to them. This represents the last judgment.

Christians fast and wait for the Lord to come; pagans celebrate as if their Lord has already come, for indeed he has: his name is Satan, and his masks are Mammon, Bacchus, and Dionysios. We wait; they are impatient. We rejoice only when He comes, fasting all the while beforehand; they feast while He has not yet come, and will fast when the final wedding banquet has come.

Let us show love to those who do not know the Light that is coming into the world, that they may know the true feast that is coming. Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord.

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