Little Girl With Seizures

Please, will you pray for the health of a little girl in my family? She's having "absence seizures" ("petit mal seizures"). So far, praise God, there's no sign of any tumor or bleeding in the brain, and this is often a type of seizure that is outgrown by the time a kid is 18, but it's still worrisome. They're doing more tests on the 16th and 17th. Please pray for her and her parents and the rest of the family?

Thanks, guys...


My daughter has complex partial seizures, so I know how scary this can all be. Believe it or not, not finding anything to cause it is the best news usually when it comes to epilepsy.

the process for getting testing for seizutes is really annoying j have been through it a few times..not fun.  hopefully things will improve when she's on the right meds

i have had them off and on grom absence seizures to grand mal ones usually meds help until changes in other medication cause a "disturnanc in the force"
Prayers assured, vox.
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