Chabad-Lubavitch Sexual Abuse
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(12-20-2014, 02:10 PM)J Michael Wrote: I guess "crazy" is certainly one way to characterize the Chabadniks.  They are more like a cult than anything else, imho, and not always of the most benevolent kind, either.  I will say though,  I've known a number of them (in Israel) and they were really quite rational, easy-going, generous, and intelligent people.  That's not to say that the ones I knew were necessarily representative of the cult as a whole, though.  And... as you correctly say, they are  not mainstream orthodox Jews.

What's so crazy about them?

They're a messianic, evangelical cult (gee, that could describe Christianity, couldn't it? :LOL:).  Now, whether that makes them clinically "crazy" or not, is above my pay grade. :)

Here, check them out:

Interesting. What proportion of orthodox Jews belong to them?

Of roughly 13 million Jews worldwide, approximately 1.6-1.8 million of those are orthodox.  Of the orthodox, the numbers of Chabadniks is estimated to be anywhere from 40,000 to the 200,000 Cyriacus mentioned.  But, like many religious sects and cults, their influence ranges beyond the numbers of actual adherents--sometimes to a greater degree, sometimes to a lesser one.

They ARE fascinating, they are influential and rich, they are religious fanatics, though not of the jihadi type.  They are NOT representative of Judaism or orthodox Judaism, though they would love to be seen as such.

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