People expect more from me because I am tall?
I like being tall, but at the same time I've always been frustrated by it.  When I was a little kid I was always the tallest in class (I'm only 6'2" now, but I was very tall for my age) and it seemed that if anybody ever did something the teacher would always look at me -- because I was the "bigger" kid.  I had teachers tell me, "I expect more out of you." 

And when I got out of school and started working I even had employers tell me "You're a big guy, I expect more out of you." (I was being reviewed and being compared to the other employee's, who I was only equaling or slightly exceeding..).  Especially on the physical labor jobs it seemed that more was expected from me, but even on my current truck driving job I have had my boss ask why a big guy like me isn't doing more work.  It seems that if I don't exceed, or at least equal, the best, than I am "lazy"..

I guess I am just griping but it is certainly a frustration for me.
To answer your initial question -


I am fairly tall for a woman (5'10"), and I'm expected to be the helper of little old ladies in the grocery store. Now, I don't work there, but random seniors will routinely ask for me to:

1. reach for something on the top/bottom shelf
2. read fine print on a label
3. carry heavy bags and/or objects
4. direct them to the correct aisle

They ask me for these things even when I have 4 children in tow. i can only conclude it's because I'm tall and/or have a friendly face. Smile
These things are a gift, whether you are tall or short - use them, make sacrifices so that you might be a friendly face, or a light in someone's darkness.  What a wonderful thing for children to see coming from their parents.

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