Here the freakin feminists go again.......apparently a man sitting with his legs spread is "male privilege" and "aggressive." Seriously, when is someone going to heavily medicate these paranoid harpies for psychosis? We're supposed to be "ok" with women going topless according to Femen and "Free the Nipple" yet a guy with his clothed legs open is a no no. Their logic is laughable.


FYI: I think its rude to spread as wide as the guy in the picture, but its hardly a sign of "male privilege" or "aggression." I guess anytime feminazi's want attention those are the meme's to use.......
Well, now I'm going to have to do it.  :LOL:
The "man" approach to this problem?

- Incarcerate the femenists and subject them to years of heavy medication, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and the "water treatment"

- Get a 600 lb bodybuilder to punch the ever-lovin'  crap out of the smug hipster "manspreading" guy and then have his momma shame him for having "no manners"

Done! Problem is solved, and society is a happy, healthier, more polite place.

You're welcome world.

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