Warning about "Healing of Families"
The Kentucky-based Fathers of Mercy have issued a cautionary statement about a controversial book: The Healing of Families, by Father Yozefu-B. Ssemakula.

The Fathers of Mercy, who specialize in preaching parish missions, explain that because their work frequently involves healing ministries, they are concerned about the “Healing of Families” seminars led by Father Ssemakula, a Ugandan-born priest now living in Florida.

While acknowledging that many people have benefited from Father Ssemakula’s work, the Fathers of Mercy voice concern about “theological contradictions and new spiritual teaching” in The Healing of Families.

The book, they point out, was published without ecclesiastical approval. Bishop Gregory Parkes of Pensacola, the diocese in which Father Ssemakula is now based, declined to approve the book, and has pointed out that the priest’s seminars are not endorsed by any American bishop.

In their critique of The Healing of Families, the Fathers of Mercy cite an over-emphasis on physical healing rather than spiritual renewal; neglect for the central role of Jesus Christ; and tendencies toward Gnosticism, pelagianism, and Manicheanism


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