Good traditionalist material
Could someone turn me on to some good traditional catholic reading material, prayers, traditions ect. I am very interested in becoming a more traditionalist Catholic and at the moment the college I attend does not have any EF masses or Eastern Rite Churches that I can in the area so I have to attend only the NO mass. Any help? Advice? Or tips?

P.s. I prefer the material to be valid and in union with Rome and the Chair of Peter so please no sedevac material or anything else from schismatics (I don't mean any offense to our fellow schismatics or SSPX friends here I just prefer to stay true to Rome). 

The FishEaters website, especially the "Being Catholic" section: 

Yes, Fish Eaters is your best, most easily available resource!

There are also tons of books in public domain for free at Tons of great stuff there once you start hearing different names of good priests, theologians, etc.
#4's premium section is also loaded with great information. Countless hours of stuff.

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