Prayer to Canute the Holy for danish traditionalists.
Hi, right now the traditionalists community I'm in, are encountering some resistance to an upcoming traditional mass, in the parish we usually have it celebrated in. Some bristlings have developed between us and and those who run this parish about whether we're allowed or should be able to have the traditional form celebrated.

We've petitioned the Bishop.

I would love it if you all pray this petition to Canute the Holy, the martyred king who is patron saint of danish catholics.

This is one of those prayers, that danish Catholics who slowly came back to Denmark after 1880, used to say but has fallen into disuse.

Its still said by many very orthodox catholics and its the prayer of the traditionalist community I'm in. Canute IV was a Catholic king of Denmark, and the first king of Denmark to be canonized, following his martyrdom. He was killed inside a Church.

I've translated it as best I could.

"Canute the Holy, pray for us, your country men and fellow believers. We are but few, but none have as firm a root in the danish soil as we. By our faith and our view on life we're kindred with those who build up Denmark.

Canute the Holy, pray for us, that we may be of the same mold, as the pious men and women of old, and that the old and yet eternally young Church may know of us, as your children.

Canute the Holy, be for us a guide! May that we become like you, strong-willed and just. And with the same fervor and fidelity, fight for the Church's right and the Church's honor, by Christ, our Lord, Amen."
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