Please pray for perseverence in temptation
Please pray for me for I have found myself in the midst of temptations

I have been greatly tempted lately in regards to a multitude of temptations and i really am scared. I have been having temptations such as impure thoughts, pride, and even temptations such as getting angry at God and even temptations on not only using God's name in vain but also cursing His name.

I have found myself going very frequently to confession (2-3 Days) and only receiving Holy Communion a few times a week even though I go to Daily Mass.

I find myself easily tempted throught the day. At Mass this is usually true. I often feel fatiqued and discouraged after temptation.

I think the worst temptations are those regarding anger towards God and of cursing His name

As much as I know I should see a merciful God it is easy for me to focus more in His justice.

Will pray this coming week.

You should talk to some priest about some discipline you might take avoid this sort of stuff. Here's what St. Maximus says:

Quote:When the mind begins to make progress in the love of God, the demon of blasphemy begins to tempt him and suggest to him such thoughts as no man but only the devil their father could invent. He does this out of envy for the friend of God, that coming to despair at having such thoughts he no longer dares to approach God in his usual prayer. Nevertheless, the accursed one derives no profit from his plan but rather makes us more steadfast. For engaging in offensive and defensive battle, we become more proven and more sincere in the love of God. “May his sword pierce his heart and may his bows be shattered”.

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