Tick removal!!!
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DominusTecum Wrote:I was mowing yesterday and seem to have picked up a lovely tick who has attached himself to my stomach.
What is the best way to get him off?
I have tried hot knives and dousing with rubbing alcohol before, and it hasn't worked well. Should I just pull? I've heard that that causes the head to stay stuck and is not a good idea.
Advice appreciated.

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Yeah, I got it out. The little jerk wouldn't let go, and when he finally came out after much pulling with tweezers, one could see a plug of my skin attached to his mouth-parts. Nasty. After this, I flushed him down the toilet, then thoroughly cleaned the bite with soap and warm water, and doused it with iodine. Good as new.
You flushed him down the dunny? Gee Eric, u should have set a match to it! A poor fish, may swallow it in the ocean......don't you know that all drains lead to the ocean......[Image: laff.gif]

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Beware Banana Man! Your mortal enemy may yet return!


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Can we have some pictures?
Modesty while mowing demands the wearing of a t-shirt ;-)
LOL! Of course it does. At the least.
I will have you all know that I was certainly not mowing shirtless, or even with one of those grossly unpresentable "T-shirt" things. I was, as a matter of fact, wearing a rather formal dress shirt.
I'm thinking the little bugger got onto my neck when I swiped some tree branches, and then either fell or crawled down to stomach-level.
Praise be to God that you were so moved in His service to wear such modest attire.

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Eric you do not go far enough.
I wear a tux whilst mowing the lawn.
And also the required 2 king browns at either end of the yard is a must for any modest mowing man.

What on earth is a "King Brown" ??[Image: dunce.gif] BTW, I find your posts so funny!!! You have me laughing out loud, and I better not be drinking my morning tea when I read them, as it will come out my nose LOL!!

In Christ


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