Tick removal!!!
A king brown is a large bottle of beer, about 800ml.
To do the mowing of lawns, modestly of course, the use of king browns at either end of the yard is a must. By the time the yard is mowed, not only are you satisfied that the grass is cut, your half cut yourself!
PsychoMonkey Wrote:Ok. I looked into it and no one is mentioning the match thing. Not sure why the Boy Scouts did.

The point was to try to get it to let go. It won't work, and you risk getting more toxins and yourself burned to boot.
PsychoMonkey Wrote: 
But I did find this:
From information, it says DON'T twist while trying to remove and Do not apply any substances to the tick before removing it - no alcohol or nail polish, no petroleum jelly or other ointments.


This is what I have been taught. Don't apply anything to the tick before removal (makes them regurgitate into your skin) and pull straight back, gently but firmly, with the tweezers grasping its nasty little tick head. I throw them in the toilet and watch to see if they swim before flushing them into the ocean. (LOL, Lisa!)


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