P&L is looking for love (?)
I am trying to throw my hat back in the dating ring. It's hard... you know? I am not totally sure I feel ready to do this... but I kind of feel like I need to (?) It's hard to explain.

I am looking, but the issue is that I cannot leave the NW/SWPA area-- for custodial reasons.  I am open to blind dates if anyone knows any guys in this area :-)

The Basics
Sex: Female
Age: 31
General location: Diocese of Erie
Ethnicity: White
Describe your personality: Fabulous :-) Think unicorns, rainbow, and glitter
Your likes and dislikes: I like pretty much everything. I dislike negativity
Your hobbies and interests: I like to read, hang out, snuggle/cuddle, watch movies and TV, go out and do something/nothing, people watch, go to the beach, the zoo, the park. I'd like to camp and hike more
Favorite food(s): I eat paleo- so meat, veg, and fruit :-) I don't really do "paleo-fied" baked goods and sweets very often, but I do enjoy them on occasion.
Favorite music, television, films, etc.: Trance, techno, post-industrial, 90's country, classical, solo piano, jazz, Agents of SHIELD, stuff on HGTV/DIY Network, Tiny House Nation, Good Eats, Chopped, Cutthroat Kitchen, classic black and white movies, musicals, Marvel movies, Rear Window, Vertigo, more things that I can't think of...
Any other information you'd like to share: I am annulled and have one daughter. I would like to have more children

The Faith
Your favorite saint(s): St. Teresa of Avila, St. Benedict the Abbot, St. Therese of Liseux, Our Lady of Sorrows, Our Lady of Fatima
Your favorite devotion(s): Immaculate Heart of Mary, Rosary, Sacred Heart of Jesus
Describe how you found tradition: I stumbled upon it when I was a practicing Pagan. Our Lady pulled me to it, kicking and screaming. There is a long involved story involving me being attacked by a malevolent entity, and (what I think was) Our Lady speaking to me when I finally did return to Mass
Where you currently assist at Mass: St. Mary of Grace in Meadville, St. Joseph/Bread of Life in Erie, St. Anthony of Padua in Cambridge Springs, and St. Boniface in Pittsburgh (when I can)
Where you would assist at Mass if you had your choice of the options: I would always go to St. Anthony's in Cambridge Springs, St. Anne's in Erie, or St. Boniface in Pittsburgh so I could go to the TLM
Describe your understanding of the sacrament of matrimony in regard to daily married life: It is a sacred, beautiful, and hard work. You have to choose to continue to love one another, and to get one another to Heaven.
Describe your ideal family life, including jobs, children, family traditions, etc.: I would prefer to be an at-home spouse, I would like to homeschool. I do, however, have student debt that has to be paid. If my husband were unable to completely cover our home expenses and my student loans, I would be willing to work outside the home in order to pay off the debts that I accrued in seeking higher education.

Your Future Spouse
Physical qualities you find attractive in a potential spouse: I am not picky. I like a man who smiles, is friendly, and looks like he gives good warm hugs. I prefer to be the short one. I like glasses and facial hair.
Other qualities you look for in a potential spouse: Silly, friendly, open, logical (I am not), geeky is a great plus, devout
Qualities you will not tolerate in a potential spouse: Extreme laziness, the lack of willingness to help, the inability to forgive

I have a past, and whatever man I get involved with needs to understand that... but he also needs to understand that I am not that person anymore. If he wants to hear about my past, I will tell him. If he prefers not to, I will not share it.

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You're quite pretty! I'll pray for some dashing fella to find you. :)
(02-08-2015, 01:12 PM)Renatus Frater Wrote: You're quite pretty! I'll pray for some dashing fella to find you. :)

:blush: Thank you!
If I were not too young for you, not a schismatic, and not already attached, I would strongly consider it. Good luck!
(02-08-2015, 05:05 PM)Dirigible Wrote: If I were not too young for you, not a schismatic, and not already attached, I would strongly consider it. Good luck!

:LOL: Thanks Dirigible  :P

If you know any fellows in my area, around my age, in Communion, and are single- send them my way  :)

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