St Valentine
If you want to be grumpy and factual on this "romantic" day - here are some facts from OXFORD DICTIONARY OF SAINTS - (David Farmer) -  I frequently refer to this book when I get a little overwhelmed by the perfection of some of the saints as described in the Office - it actually has increased my faith to see saints as humans, and to learn a little about their practical lives. Anyway: "Two Valentines are listed in the Roman Martyr ology on February 14. One a Roman Priests martyred on the Flaminian Way supposedly under Claudius, and the other a bishop at Terni martyred at Rome. Both relics are translated to Terni. ...acts are unreliable...neither seems to have any clear connection with lovers or courting. The reason for this famous patronage is that birds are supposed to pair on 14 Feb, a belief as least as old as Chaucer... on the other hand some authorities see the custom of choosing a partner on St Valentine Day as the survival of elements of Roman Lupercalia festival which took place mid-February. ....No churches in England dedicated to Valentine, but from 1835 his relics are claimed by he Carmelite church in Dublin. "1

Enjoy.  :)

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