Regional Specialities AKA Favourites you can only get at....
As I was munching on my Old Dutch Mexican Chili potato chips, I got thinking about foods that are only available in certain places. When a childhood friend moved to Ontario for school many years ago, he would call his mom and beg her to mail him Old Dutch Chips, which were only available in Western Canada at the time (it might be different now, but maybe not... IDK). Or maybe only that flavour was. I can't remember. I know when he moved to the US, he couldn't get a certain flavour at all down there, salt and vinegar maybe?

But in the spirit of Lent (NOT!!!  :grin:), I was curious what other Fishies love to eat that are only available regionally?

Do YOU have a favourite food, whether it be something processed and shipped like Old Dutch Chips, or something produced only at that little shoppe down the street?

I have to say, the cream cheese danishes at Guildy's at the Health Sciences Centre in Winnipeg made it almost worth the trip to Children's Hospital!

I also remember the Bismarks at the bakery down the street from my junior high school. I used to spend my bus money on them! If I remember correctly, they were 25 cents each, that would have been around 1990. These Bismarks had a custard filling and a chocolate coating. It was very hard to eat on the sly while walking back to class!

Fun question!

I've been wanting some of those Voortman almond cookies with the sugar on top -- the ones that are scallop-edged and have the hole in the middle of them. I used to get them in WA, but can't find 'em around here. Alas!

When my Mom got on a freighter boat and went around the world (alone, in her early 70s; she was awesome), she got her hands on Cadbury's Wispamint candy bars, a UK thing, and turned me on to them. Been craving those as well, but I think they stopped making them.

I crave theses big things we used to make at our family's bakery. We called them "Fans," but they were actually ginormous Palmiers -- puff pastry dough baked up with sugar that'd get carmalized around the edges. I haven't seen anything like them anywhere else. Palmiers are davoon with pineapple!

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