Best resources for medieval Catholicism?
(02-25-2015, 09:13 AM)rasbat Wrote: This is an area of specialty for me. it would help to know what aspect you are interested in more specifically to make good recommendations. Monasticism? mysticism? popular piety? religious art? scholastic or other theology? Lay movements and confraternities? apocalypticism? hagiography? the inquisition? crusades? mendicant life? the papacy? anyway the list goes on. I can probably help you out with a bit more information but The primary sources seem to be the best if you have a basic undertanding of the era. Half the time translations come with a good solid introduction anyway. Have you looked into the classics of western spirituality series of books? they have an incredibly wide range of medieval writings not readily available in translation and they come with introductions making the text highly accesable. Duffy's work which you mention is quite good. Have you read his translation of the golden legend? one of the best and most widely read anthologies of saints lives in the era. I am not sure entirely what "charismatic" entails for you but you may want to look into the late medieval "devotio moderna" movement. Everybody knows of Thomas a kempis and his work the imitation of Christ which came out of this movement but there is other good stuff there as well like the sermons of geert groote. if you want some real fire and brimstone material try reading Savonarola. Really the list is endless. The primary writings from the middle ages themselves are a whole world with dozens of genres and sub-genres. The secondary materials available today are an endless sea. Just some more information about your interest could help.

Honestly? Literally anything. Primary sources are always a plus, but I do mean literally anything. I've poked through the bibliography of The Stripping of the Altars, which I have yet to search for the books and articles but I've found several that look interesting.

I do own his translation of the Golden Legend. Fascinating book, absolutely fascinating. It should still be a popular read for Catholics today.

I have actually never heard of the Devotio Moderna movement. But I know the "charismatic" influence of writings like the Cloud of Unknowing and other certain English Catholic mystics (as the ones that I can think of off the top of my head).

But, as I said at the beginning, literally anything. Medieval Catholicism fascinates me. I see so much usefulness to it, especially today. If we want to find a truly authentic Catholicism, we should be looking to the medieval Church for inspiration. That's what the goal of the Liturgical Movement was originally. Not what it gave us (the Novus Ordo), but to revive the medieval liturgies.

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