Best resources for medieval Catholicism?
They say some trads have been accused of "fiftiesism", or too much affinity for the culture etc of the nineteen fifties. I sometimes I think I have this for the middle ages. It is somewhat of an area of obsession. It seems to me to be almost a golden age of the faith. Unfortunately in modernist circles it is completely blotted out and intentionally overlooked. That mean nasty legalistic medieval church with its "yardstick spirituality" is all they can see. The middle ages saw the flourishing of popular devotion, the origins and rise of almost all of the religious orders out there still today, a huge accumulation of spiritual literature that is unparalelled in its insight and much better than the stuff out there today. They had a deeply penitential spirituality that scares modern people for some reason. Just look at the number of great saints produced by this era. It is my conjecture that some civilizations are just more receptive to God's truth and are intrinsically better than others because they are founded on objective truth. The middle ages at least in its ideals certainly had this. Don't get me wrong there were still hideous things going on in the middle ages. I just mean that the sinners at least knew they were sinners and did it anyway, and that the ideals which were frequently actually realized were truly amazing. Anyway I could rant about the middle ages all day. it is unbelievably underapreciated.
          For writings since you mentioned the cloud of unknowing and english mystics try Richard rolle of hampole-the Incendio Amoris, walter Hilton and others are good but the continental mystics are under read. try Henry suso or tauler etc.

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