Jack Chick on the History of the Church
(03-01-2015, 11:01 AM)Heorot Wrote: While Chick's tracts are grossly inaccurate and silly, misrepresenting Rome, they also have a mirror-effect of misrepresenting Protestants. I seriously doubt that Protestants in general (outside America) believe any of his stuff.

The Magisterial Reformation people are quite different from the Radicals. Lumping "Prots" together as if they were one big super-group only makes us look as stupid as Chick. He certainly is a radical, not magisterial.

I like reading his stuff, though. It's kind of fascinating to see how people view things. He often does approach difficult subjects, too, as Cyriacus said.

Although he sure seems to give off a Calvinist vibe, and they were a "Magisterial Reformation" group. But in general, they went off the deep end very quickly. Especially when Calvin took Zwingli serious. At least Calvin had SOME sort of profession about the Real Presence in the Eucharist, Zwingli had none whatsoever.

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