The Persecution of the Catholic Church by Czar Nicholas I (Audiobook)
[Image: NunsOfMinskMed.png]

Czar Nicholas I of Russia  nearly destroyed the Ruthenians and other Eastern Catholic Christians who refused to abandon their fidelity to the Pope in one of the most effective and brutal persecutions the Catholic Church has known.  Learn about the brave Martyrs and Confessors of the East who endured everything from torture, work camps, and even having their children sold into slavery for remaining in the unity of the Catholic Church, and their staunch and faithful refusal to see their liturgical books altered (which included commerations of the Pope and the filioque in the creed etc). 

We follow with particular attention the Holy Nuns of Minsk who did not have a single Nun fall into schism despite years of torture and many martyrdoms.

To listen on streaming or download the audiobook go here
Thanks, I lived near a Ruthenian rite parish while I was converting and nearly went that route. Looking forward to giving this a play.

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