Questionable absolutions - What should I do?
(03-05-2015, 12:33 AM)Poche Wrote:
(03-04-2015, 08:20 PM)Josey Wales Wrote: Record it the next time and if it still isn't up to par, get the bishop involved.  If absolutions are this questionable it's possible baptisms, confirmations and the words of consecration could be lacking as well.  Proper form is necessary for the validity of all sacraments.  They can't make up whatever they want.
It is forbidden to audio record your confession. The last time I heard of someone doing that they were excommunicated.

If you mean audio recording DON'T do this! It is forbidden under canon law!

OP, I would confess again, but without being scrupulous about it. It would seem to me that the absolution in the first was most certainly invalid and the second likely invalid. I would also write to the Bishop to report these two incidents.
Third time's a charm! We had a substitute priest this weekend who heard my confession and gave a proper, valid absolution. I guess I should stay with my FSSP priest rather than going Novus Ordo.

Next time just ask him to absolve you from your sin. And, I was in a situation once where I was standing outside in the cold with a priest and I asked him if I could confess my sins. He made the sign of the cross looking down and shot up, wait of minute, it's cold outside so "I absolve you from all your sins, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit" without ever hearing my confession. I have never been in such a weird situation and not knowing what to do I said, "Thank you Father" and went home. So the Priest gave me a general absolution just because it was cold outside. I researched the subject when I got home and concluded that since I was doing what I was supposed to do then my absolution was probably valid because I had every intention of doing everything necessary, however I confessed all my sins at the next opportune time which just so happened to be the next day, ironically to the same priest. He was a little flabbergasted and said I had already been absolved, I said ok but I want to confess my sins anyways. At the end of the day I know that I can say that I did everything necessary to be forgiven. I also don't think it is reasonable to go to different priest to receive a valid form of absolution when confessing. In fact, I think it would be better for you and the priest should you ask him to absolve you right the first time. If he didn't do it right then go back and confess again, or when he objects ask him to absolve you and tell him specifically that you don't care about his personal opinions but that you want a valid absolution. It will definitely make you humble, and it might help the priest know that he is doing wrong.

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