Tabacco and Alcohol, Puritan beliefs and Gluttony?
I used to smoke like a train before had kids and came back into the Catholic Faith (I was away for awhile). Now I would classify myself as a non-smoker but I still like to enjoy a smoke every once in a while. I have noticed something fairly common among smokers (usually protestants) who know that I am Catholic when I ask them for a smoke they say, "Isn't smoking a sin?" There is this puritan belief out there that having a cigarette is a sin. It was a great way to educate non-Catholics on the sin of gluttony. I have also encountered the same kind of attitude when having a beer around non-Catholics who know me. Has anyone else had any similar encounters such as these and what are your thoughts about this post?
I've found the attitude amongst some Catholics even! Apparently no fun is allowed for some people.

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