Relationship bw a Trad Catholic and a Greek Orthodox Catholic
Hey all...

Probably remember from my thread a few months back about me looking into dating a Catholic guy. Well, I met a gentleman that I have gone out with twice, and I enjoy his company. He is Greek Orthodox Catholic.

Some life things have taken him away from regularly attending the Divine Liturgy, but he has plans to start regularly attending again.

Thoughts/opinions on possibly pursuing a relationship with him? I haven't yet broached the subject of him attending the EF, or even the OF, with me. I had planned to discuss that with him next time we talked.

TIA, all!
Is he Greek Orthodox or Greek Catholic? There is a difference, as one is fully Catholic yet Eastern, the other is Eastern but not Catholic. Even so, personality wise you might end up with an Orthodox guy that is more open to Rome than the Eastern Rite Catholic, you just never know. 

If I were you I'd enjoy his company, get to know him without getting too heated about liturgical topics. If you both approach things with calm, peace and a bit of openess to learning about each other's preferences you both might learn something and it might turn into a nice mutually enriching relationship.
Never mind. :-)

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