Birth Control and Sermons
Have you ever heard a priest condemn birth control usage from the pulpit?

It has been about 4 years since I have been back in the Church and I have never heard my priest condemn birth control usage in public or from the pulpit. In fact, I don't think he will ever speak about it from the pulpit. Why the silence on the issue? If there are Catholics are using birth control then why doesn't my priest ever speak against it?
Maybe you should ask him.
I can't say I often hear it preached about at the TLM I attend either. I suppose there is a general understanding of Church teaching on the matter, and so the priest preaches about other things. I suppose, if anyone is using it, they talk about it with the priest in confession.  If people don't know it's wrong they might need to hear it in a sermon, but if they know it's wrong and try to amend their lives, perhaps it is better handled privately.

Of course, a lot of priests are also uncomfortable or misguided on the point. I think some priests really need encouragement when they give "solid" sermons. Probably better than angrily confronting him. Say "great sermon, Father" when he speaks about, say, the importance of Confession. Maybe he'd feel more comfortable taking on hard issues if he knew there were "supporters" present.
Yes I have heard the priest condemn artificial contraception from the pulpit at various times. 
(03-20-2015, 12:33 AM)Azygos Wrote: Have you ever heard a priest condemn birth control usage from the pulpit?

I attend a traditional parish, and it is fairly rare.  I believe the issue is dealt with in the confessional, as  everyone in our church knows that it is a mortal sin.

One priest did make an interesting comment discussing China's one child policy, when he said, if I remember,  "the one child policy in China is very evil, but is it as evil as our country's 1.7 child per family policy?... The Chinese are forced to comply, while we are not...."
There was a young priest here in the Diocese of Lincoln who did. I had to go to the NO that Sunday and he stood there and talked about the evils of birth control. He looked like he was a tad bit troubled at a response he might get. I am so glad he didn't get too nervous to say anything.

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