Sharing the Faith, praying and sacrificing for souls
I want to know what others are doing to share their faith, and I'd like thoughts in general on this topic. I've only been a Catholic for about a year. One generation ago, my Dad's whole family was Catholic. I'm sure a lot of people here have something similar to say about their family.

I quickly learned that arguing isn't going to change anyone's heart. And also that complaining about what's going on in the Church confirms false ideas and prejudices. I'm trying to live a Catholic life, and I am praying and making sacrifices for my salvation and the salvation of others. I try to give a booklet or pamphlet to others when I can, or make some sort of small comment or reference to something Catholic. Several family members are receptive and interested.

I would like to know about any of your experiences in helping bring non-Catholics to the Faith, or have helped bring back fallen away Catholic family members and friends back to the Church. I'm starting to understand that this sort of thing takes a lot of time and faith. And I'm not asking about or interested in how to get people who attend the Novus Ordo to go to the wonderful Latin Mass. That's why I'm asking this on Fisheaters and not the forum....anyways....

Sorry if this post is too general a post for so broad a subject.

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