Yoga Stations of the Cross

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Yoga Stations Of The Cross 2015

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Invitation to Participate in a Multisensory Christian Meditation on the
Stations of the Cross Using Yoga Positions – Sat. March 28 in Connolly Parish Hall
at 10:30 a.m.

For the sixth year in a row, Anne Kelley and Cynthia
Simon will guide participants through the use of yoga positions to
walk the Way of the Cross with Jesus and His disciples. This special
meditation takes inspiration from 14 specially commissioned paintings
and will also include spoken meditations and live choral music
as a backdrop (Holy Family’s own Diana Ferris). To learn more about
what we’ll do, check out the videos and images from past meditations at
The meditation lasts an hour and is free of charge. No yoga experience is
required, but please bring a yoga mat if you have one. Two certified yoga instructors will
be present, one leading the physical aspects of the meditation and another to assist participants
in their movements and leading more limited movements to those who choose
to participate from their chairs. Please contact to confirm your
intention to participate, so that we can fill, but not overfill, the spaces. Come join us in
Well now we all know which church Pope Paul VI was specifically referring to, when he said the smoke of Satan has entered the Church.  :grin:

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