I need help finding a video or article online
Years ago, I remember either reading an article or seeing a video about a monastery that fell apart when the nuns stopped wearing the habit.  This monastery was once notable for its number of nuns- it was the largest, but I don't remember if it was the largest in its state (California, I think) or in the country.  They allowed psychologists or sociologists to experiment on them by having them wear lay clothes.  Wanting to be progressive, they gave it a try.  It led to homosexual activity, other forms of decadence, and eventually destroyed the monastery.  I want to say the monastery- again, once the largest in either the state or the country- eventually closed for lack of numbers.  I'm sorry this is pretty vague, but it's vagueness in my memory is why I have to ask about it.  Does anyone know which monastery this was, and does anyone know where I might find the video or article that talked about them?

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