Rogue Catholic bishops plan to grow schismatic challenge to Rome
Could this be a trend? Will others come out against these changes in our Church? Perhaps.

Troubling times we live in, on so many fronts at once!


Rogue Catholic bishops plan to grow schismatic challenge to Rome

By Stephen Eisenhammer

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Reuters/Reuters - French Bishop Jean-Michel Faure © walks during a mass in Nova Friburgo near Rio de Janeiro March 28, 2015. REUTERS/Stephen Eisenhammer

NOVA FRIBURGO, Brazil (Reuters) - Two renegade Catholic bishops plan to consecrate a new generation of bishops to spread their ultra-traditionalist movement called "The Resistance" in defiance of the Vatican, one of them said at a remote monastery in Brazil.

French Bishop Jean-Michel Faure, himself consecrated only two weeks ago by the Holocaust-denying British Bishop Richard Williamson, said the new group rejected Pope Francis and what it called his "new religion" and would not engage in a dialogue with Rome until the Vatican turned back the clock.

Williamson and Faure, who were both excommunicated from the Roman Catholic Church when the former made the latter a bishop without Vatican approval, are ex-members of a larger dissenting group that has been a thorn in Rome's side for years.

Their splinter movement is tiny - Faure did not give an estimate of followers - but the fact they plan to consecrate bishops is important because it means their schism can continue as a rebel form of Catholicism.

"We follow the popes of the past, not the current one," Faure, 73, told reporters on Saturday at Santa Cruz Monastery in Nova Friburgo, in the mountain jungle 140 km (87 miles) inland from Rio de Janeiro.

"It is likely that in maybe one or two years we will have more consecrations," he said, adding there were already two candidates to be promoted to bishop's rank.

The monastery had said Williamson would ordain a priest there at the weekend but he was not seen by reporters, and clergy said it was impossible to talk to him. Faure ordained the priest himself.

Asked what the new group called itself, Faure said: "I think we can call ourselves Roman Catholic first, secondly St Pius X, and now ... the Resistance."


The Society of St Pius X (SSPX) is a larger ultra-traditionalist group that was excommunicated in 1988 when its founder consecrated four new bishops, including Williamson, despite warnings from the Vatican not to do so.

It rejected the modernizing reforms of the 1962-65 Second Vatican Council and stuck with Catholicism's old Latin Mass after the Church switched to simpler liturgy in local languages.

Former Pope Benedict readmitted the four SSPX bishops to the Catholic fold in 2009, but the SSPX soon expelled Williamson because of an uproar over his Holocaust denial.

In contrast to Benedict, Pope Francis pays little attention to the SSPX ultra-traditionalists, who claim to have a million followers around the world and a growing number of new priests at a time that Rome faces priest shortages. Their remaining three bishops have no official status in the Catholic Church.

Faure said the Resistance group would not engage in dialogue with Rome, as the SSPX has done. "We resist capitulation, we resist conciliation of St Pius X with Rome," he said.

Faure said he was not sure what it would take for Rome to return to its old traditions but conflict could be a catalyst.

"If there is another World War ... maybe the Church will go back to the way it was before," he said.

The prior of the monastery, Thomas Aquinas, explained the split simply: "The Pope is less Catholic than us."

Under Catholic law, Williamson and Faure are excommunicated from the Church but remain validly consecrated bishops. That means they can ordain priests into their schismatic group and claim to be Catholic, albeit without Vatican approval.

By contrast, women supposedly made priests by dissident Catholic bishops are not validly ordained because Catholic law reserves the priesthood only for men.

(Reporting by Stephen Eisenhammer; Editing by Tom Heneghan and Richard Chang)
Why  not just join the SSPX instead of creating yet another break off group? You'd at least have a much stronger and well established base.  The SSPX at least isn't in a state where they're out of control like some newer group may end up becoming.
I honestly thought this was going to be about Kasper and Marx. WIshful thinking. Anyway, this is a mess. I'm totally supportive of the SSPX but this is going too far. Unity with the Pope is about the office, not the person, and when you get right down to it, these people are basically Ultramontanists of the Strict Observance, in a panic when their ahistorical theory of the papacy doesn't hold water.

Anyway, why does every news article mentioning Richard Williamson have to preface it with "Holocaust denying?" Yeah, sure, he's wrong for doing that and it's a disgraceful insult to all the people who died in it, and no doubt he would've been among them if he were there. But that's not the sole facet of his public life. We get it, he holds to a historically untenable conspiracy theory. People do that sometimes.
Not to be defending Williamson, but he really does not deny the Holocaust...he just disagrees with the number of deaths. His logic is weak, but to call him a Holocaust-denier is not entirely correct.
Right, that's how most of those types are. It's just, he makes stupid comments like "6 million Jews were not gassed." Yeah, nobody said they were, read a history book. Most of the deaths were from disease and starvation.
All inquiry or discussion about how many Jews perished at the hands of the Third Reich, directly or indirectly, by poison gas, typhus, or any other means, is a matter that Vox has repeatedly said is forbidden on the forum. A variety of views are held by users here, and by discussing it, we will only generate pointless flaming, and more importantly, we would provide our calumniators with ammunition when they call traditional Catholics "Nazis."
Did you catch that? This little tiny group is saying that they are the authority now and everyone who doesn't obey them is wrong, the papacy is now in their interpretation of the past Popes writings and they are the current Pope, that is, authority and vicar (visible representative) of Christ.

It won't be long before they start falling into worse errors and sins.

And I wouldn't be surprised if they elected their own Pope.
Quote:I wonder how the Soviet Union ties into whatever it is these guys are up to? Do they acknowledge the lies told by communist agent, pushed by the KGB? Do they understand the threat of the FSB and it's continued Anti-Catholic, Anti-Religious actions, cloaked by the legitimacy (or illegitimacy) of the Russian Orthodox Catholic Church? And how could a bunch of Ultra Traditionalists be based out of Brazil when South America is also a hotbed of Bolshevik inspired Liberation Theology? The Pope has disavowed Liberation Theology, and many of the things the Liberal media leads the public to believe the Pope approves... are they reacting to the distortions that have been made, or is this some more esoteric and dogmatic sticking point they are making?

This guy knows what's up.

My personal favorite sentence is "How could a bunch of Ultra Traditionalists be based out of Brazil."
Sad and foolish.
This is how well-meaning men became Protestants.
Interestingly, the SSPX has condemned this.

This one is not like the others: Faure

Of recent news is the episcopal consecration of Fr. Jean-Michel Faure by Bishop Richard Williamson that took place on March 19th.

Supporters of Faure's episcopal consecration have been justifying this act by comparing it to the 1988 Episcopal Consecrations of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre. However, a close examination of the two events will show that the one is definitely not like the other—thus why the SSPX denounced the consecration of Fr. Faure.

We have just added to our news/events section an excellent commentary by Fr. Francois Laisney, Episcopal Consecration, which compares the context and spirit of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre's "Operation Survival" versus the consecration of Fr. Faure.

In addition to Fr. Laisney's clarifications, we are also offering for the benefit of our readers these webpages on our site:
•No comparison to 1988: Faure's consecration
•The 1988 Consecrations (see the sidebar media)

Both of these pages include additional links providing related articles, words of Archbishop Lefebvre, and documents that provide important context.

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