The Joy of the Resurrection by Thomas A Kempis
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Be taught by the Venerable Thomas A Kempis, the author of the Imitation of Christ on how to celebrate the Resurrection of Our Lord as one should with devotion and exaltation. 

In these homilies you will learn a holy and unique perspective that seems to have been forgotten today such as:

How one is is to rejoice with others during the celebration of the Resurrection of Christ.
How Christ Visits us in time of distress and comforts us after we weep first.
How to obtain heavenly sweetness and consolation of the spirit and what obstructs it.
Christs example of Charity when he called his Apostles his brethren rather than admonishing them for their cowardice.
Pentecost and why devout prayer is more important than great learning to be made wise.
Why their are so few holy men, and why God mingles the evil with the good in the Church.

You can hear or download these homilies here
Christ is Risen! Alleluia.

Thanks for posting this. I am going to listen to them shortly. Glorious! I especially like to learn about the way of joy with others during this time. Too many people are content with "Happy Easter" when they should be saying:

Happy Feast of the Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ!

'Brethren and fathers, at Christ's resurrection creation too, putting away its winter gloom, like a deadness puts out fresh shoots and as it were comes to life again. And yes, we see the earth wearing green, the plants flourishing, the animals skipping around, the sea tamed and everything being changed for the better.

But I must explain why I have said this. If inanimate and irrational creatures are made radiant and lovely by the resplendent resurrection, how much more ought we, who have been honoured with reason and the image of God, make ourselves bright by our life and give off sweet fragrance by the spirit. For one who strives after virtue is truly the sweet fragrance of Christ, and the Apostle bears witness to this when he says, For we are the sweet fragrance of Christ for God among those who are being saved and those who are perishing, for the latter a scent of death leading to death, for the former an scent of life leading to life [2 Cor. 2,15-16].'

St. Theodore the Studite (A.D. 759 - 826)

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