Why do Catholics "worship" Mary?
Thank you for all your responses so far.  Really appreciate the input.  This gives me and my wife a good starting point.  Will definitely circle back with any follow-up questions.

(04-16-2015, 11:15 PM)Poche Wrote: I think your strting point is incorrect. Catholics do not worship Mary.
>:( >:( >:(

I think there is some misunderstanding.  This is an apologetics session to defend against this very common assertion by non-Catholic Christians.  I did not mean to say at all that Catholics worship Mary; hence the quotation marks.  Sorry for any confusion.
Just a quick update that we presented at the church group last night.  I think it went well.  Fr. wanted to use our preso for Religious Ed, and asked us to come back to give the presentation again for the next school year.  Thanks again for all your help!
Tumblar House. William Biersach & Charles Coulombe. Catholic Audio "The Assumption".  A veritable Marian gold mine.

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