22 Beautiful Altars worthy of the Sacrifice of the Mass
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No altar is worthy of the Sacrifice of the Mass... but some are significantly less unworthy than others.
I would add this one. The church itself is a rather bare structure, typical of an old Anglican church in England, but the altar was made by Italian craftsmen in the 19th century. I have been told that the process by which the colour was infused into the marble has been lost (it is not painted, it is impregnated in the stone). It is an image of the Annunciation of the BVM. This is not the greatest picture, but it is absolutely beautiful!

[Image: St%20Marys%20Anglican%20Main%20Altar.jpg]

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They are no doubt beautiful, but are follow a specific aesthetic (though of very different styles). I don't think that an altar with a different, simpler aesthetic--like many of the Cistercian churches--is in any way "less" worthy, and find that type of architecture can have a really big impact on the faithful because there is nothing to distract from that is really happening in its space.

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