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Seven years ago I had a full size pop machine--fully loaded--fell on my left foot.  The outcome of that injury was that I got a relatively new diagnosis COMPLEX REGIONAL PAIN SYNDROME.  It has several signs to confirm the diagnosis.  They are: loss of hair, darkening of the skin and burning--even to the lightest touch--all in the area of the injury or surgery. 

This is a pain that will not go away.  Currently I am on Cymbalta, lyrica, fentanyl and a prescription compound cream made up of nerve deadening medicines.

If you believe you may have CRPS you need to seek out a good pain clinic.  DON'T JUST PICK ONE!  I did that here in New Mexico and they almost made me insane by trying to decrease my fentanyl patches in half.  Luckily I was able to go to one of my other doctors that wrote me a script for my normal strength.  So be advised and good luck and keep the faith.

May our Lord's mercy keep you and your family safe from all evil


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