«Natural Law & Sexual Ethics» @ Princeton, by Prof. Ed Feser
Of course its a myth that women in the Middle Ages were confined to private life in the household. Contrary to popular belief they could even study, in fact, as in opposition to the East, in the West education was something for priests and women, not for "real men", and also contrary to the broader Eastern society (that is, including the Moslems), women did enjoy more freedom.
And of course, this is only culturally, but look at the BVM and the women saints and see if you can imagine them as just being well behaved because they are in a post-coitus bliss or are pregnant.
Even where the Bible comes closer to this view, say, in picturing the seducing whore, its quite clear that this is one sort of woman. Its not in the essence of women to be a hysterical, seducing whore. Not to mention that in every depiction of the whore the fool is always implicit: a person is a fool before he is seduced. So, this claim that men are more rational and thus are not given to the passions besides being patently false its not biblical.

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