«Natural Law & Sexual Ethics» @ Princeton, by Prof. Ed Feser
(06-18-2015, 06:01 PM)Papist Wrote: It always amazes me when people get into the minutia of what is and is not permitted in the marriage bed. "What if this act is performed in such a ways as to..." funny stuff.
Hm, casuistry can be overdone, but there is certainly a place for minutia because it is simply taking the fundamental moral principles to their logical application. We can analyze in reverse from conclusion (minutia) to premises to see whether those premises are true, and in this area there is need for caution since the very difference among heterosexual, homosexual, or sodomitic relations is dependent upon it. If there are legitimate conditions for oral sex or masturbation, then what principles allow that, and are those principles legitimate? If legitimate, do they also happen to allow for other conclusions that are clearly immoral? Then there's a problem.

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