Save yet another parish that will be demolished!
What is a bishop supposed to do with these large buildings and the costs of maintaining them? There may have been many hundreds or even thousands of families at these churches in the past, but there just aren't anymore. Besides the collapse of religious practice, we have to be realistic about the demographics of Rust Belt Catholicism. Pennsylvania, Ohio, etc., have seen huge numbers of people move away over the years. It's not just Roman Catholics - Byzantine Catholics have had to sell off churches, too. The people just aren't there anymore. It may be said to see the church where Granddad was baptized and Mom and Dad were married go away, but if only 75 people show up to Sunday Mass in a church built to house many hundreds, how are the bills going to be paid?

The only hope for these buildings is that Catholics return to the Faith and SUPPORT THEIR PARISH. Time and money. Even then, that might not be enough for many given the way the population has moved out of the cities.

As an aside, I find it interesting that in Orthodox canon law, once a building has been consecrated a Church, it must always remain one - it can never revert to a secular purpose. There is no corresponding idea to the Roman deconsecration of a Church. An interesting idea, but I'm curious if that causes financial problems in practice.

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