Save yet another parish that will be demolished!
(04-20-2015, 11:44 AM)austenbosten Wrote: Its things like these that make me angry at the NO Church. They want to talk about how we have had wonderful popes and how great things are.


This is a time for rallying, not for celebrating. The liturgy should emphasize our struggle, not our victory. Satan is winning this battle, while we (like the Germans in both world wars) keep singing hymns of victory, completely oblivious to the reality.
No matter if the Church is reduced to just one faithful Catholic, Satan has not and can never win. Our Lord Jesus Christ has won the ultimate victory over everything, sin death and Satan, once and for all. But we must choose which side we want to be on. Most of the world is choosing the other side right now. So all we can do is continue with the warfare that is this life by prayer, sacrifice, the Sacraments, Catholic action, practicing virtue, etcetera. There is nothing more we can do than work at our sanctification and salvation in fear and trembling. That is all God asks of us all. Also the Liturgy should show forth Christ's eternal victory, because then we will realize what is at stake, namely, our immortal souls, and that we cannot ever waver from Christ for to do so is sin and eternal death.

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