Council of Carthage and limbo
(04-28-2015, 10:33 AM)Melkite Wrote:
(04-28-2015, 09:42 AM)little_flower10 Wrote: Council of Carthage apparently condemned the idea of there being a special place in Heaven for unbaptized infants. Then we hear that limbo is a theological opinion and some people tend to believe that unbaptized infants receive baptism of desire or blood if they're aborted. Many tend to think they are in Heaven.  What is the Church teaching? I'm not looking for debates but just to know the Church teaching and to figure out what the Council meant. I mean its also condemned maybe to think that unbaptized adults can get to Heaven but then we believe in invincible ignorance, baptism of desire, etc... I understand that may be more rare than is generally supposed but - I just mean the ideas. If that's how it is for adults and these exceptions can happen, why not with babies? Is that view condemned? What do we think of limbo? Basically I'm confused and have no clue what the Church teaching is. I accept in advance whatever it teaches even if limbo but - what are we supposed to believe? And how Di we avoid heresy? Can we believe in invincible ignorance being possible for adults - so how does this compare to infants? Thank you.

Read what the Councils said, then read what Christ said.  See if they match.

I believe if they seem not to match then I'm missing something... Cause they really should... Like with the Church bring interpretor of Scriptures. But maybe I'm misunderstanding what the Council said too - because some topics are so complicated they're explained by many different canons that approach them from different sides.. It helps to just have a dogma so we know. But not everything has dogmas.

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