Council of Carthage and limbo
(05-02-2015, 04:47 PM)little_flower10 Wrote: I'm still wondering about St Thomas and whether unbaptized babies like those who die before birth can have their original sin removed... I agree that with original sin people can't go to Heaven, and that Baptism is the ordinary way to remove original sin. So this makes Limbo the most likely. With adults, they can make a choice and have baptism of blood / desire... infants can't make choices yet... so that points to Limbo. I wonder what St Thomas meant though. I can just leave that part of it to God. As it says in the CCC we leave them to God's Mercy.. (which doesn't exclude Limbo cause they are close to God's Mercy in Limbo)
You, Little flower10, remind me of another Little Flower  some time, somewhere... not at all daft and a good reminder of why God chose a woman to be His Mother. (And why He chose women to be mothers of us all).

Yes! the Limbo question; and S. Toms' explanation  seems to leave more questions than answers. I hope that you will not be dismayed by my social ineptitude and lack of political correctness so that I might consider your cunning insights and questions.

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