traditional understanding of "brain death"
Sorry for so many questions but lately I've gotten confused on a few things and I already have questions for my priest, I don't want to constantly be wasting his time in my questions lol..

I read a doctors article critiquing the common view that brain dead means actually deceased. It made sense to me logically and I posted it on another Catholic forum. Yet various people began telling me that keeping someone who is brain dead alive with breathing machines is extraordinary means and we are not bound to do so. My original question dealt with organ donation. I read in the new Catechism that organ donation is OK if they don't kill the person for it... And my understanding is that since brain dead people are alive and its impossible to use deceased people for organs, that these people are killed. Others on the thread responded saying that while this may happen in other cases the person who is brain dead is kept alive using extraordinary means so its OK to permit them to die by removing the machines and use the organs.

This is not how I have seen things before so I got extremely confused and I still am. Can someone clarify for me whatever the Church teaching is? Thank you! I'm asking on this forum because this forum is more theological somehow so I might get more replies and I'm looking for a traditional understanding. Not saying I wouldn't get it on the other forum but the thread contradicted what I always thought so now I'm looking for more info..
I heard this from Father Wolfe FSSP:

Hope this helps!!
Thank you! I don't have a way to listen to this on my phone with data, is there any way I could have a very quick summary, even just 'yes' or 'no' concerning the idea? :) I just want to know if I'm correct or not. Thanks!
He basically says brain dead does not mean dead. The person is still alive, but doctors use the term so that they can get a hold of the organs before they are unusable. If you can find a way to listen, it is worth the listen. He talks about living wills and power of attorney before dying. God bless you!!
that sermon was expanded into a longish article in the Homiletic & Pastoral review. I haven't listened to the sermon, but learned a tremendous amount from this article based on it:

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