Pat Archibold joins The Remnant!
Here is his first article for TR with an introductory preface by Michael Matt:

I did not see this one coming at all. One would've thought that he'd join a more mainstream neo-Catholic organization (I'm looking at you CMTV).

However in his "Dead Cat Bounce" article Archibold is extremely, and I mean extremely bitter about the modern Church, labeling as the eponymous dead cat bounce the entire pontificate of Ratzinger. (to wit, instead of being a genuine sign of a revival it was an illusory preamble to an even more deadly collapse).
I certainly was one who was also fooled by the dead cat bounce. But mainly because its way too painful to admit the extent of the crisis.
There are some neo-catholics who are very hostile to any notion of the crisis, but what is most annoying is their extreme ultramontonism (and somehow they can convince themselves that BXVI never saw any crisis anywhere; how can they delude themselves thinking every pope is the same person?), and if you don't share their enthusiasm you're in despair.

How I wish for the consecration of Russia. We need badly some Russian chutzpah (LOL) to cure we Westerners of our anodyne delusion.

I'm happy for Pat!

Michael Matt is a good, honest man and The Remnant is really the only Catholic media outlet (other than the free goodies over at Culture Wars) that I read.

The National Catholic Reporter lost a good man and writer, he really was the only columnist I read. Jimmy Akin lost me with his "10 reasons why Pope Francis didn't say what you think he said, even though he totally did."
On the related topic of bitter Catholics complaining about the disregard modern atholics have for their cultural and liturgical heritage, I've been enjoying everything Anthony Esolen has put out lately. Strangely he seems to get published in a variety of journals, so perhaps some of what he writes, like Pat Archbold's stuff, is deemed too hot to handle.
(04-29-2015, 09:05 PM)austenbosten Wrote: The National Catholic Reporter lost a good man and writer, he really was the only columnist I read.

no take backs!!!!


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