St. Thomas and the South Indian story of the four silver Shekels of Tyre

I have been in India for the past one month on work. I am rather curious about the opinion of Catholics of the west about this bizarre story from India that has been doing the rounds for decades. It is a story about St.Thomas the Apostle.  I am not a Catholic and therefore do not see any meaning or importance in chasing relics. It's a different matter if I am able to keep a relic purely on its historical/antique value. Other than that, this madness related to this so-called Christian relics, especially those claiming healing powers is a little absurd especially in modern times.

The older stories are in the following links-


Recently the following details appeared on another website

It is an amazing story of events and the life of an Apostle after the Bible was written.

Like I said, I am not a Catholic, but the actual history of the "thirty pieces of silver" is rather interesting.

Folks, do read the articles in the links above and let me know your frank opinion.

Peter Taverns


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