Scalia: Priests May Be Forced to Perform Gay "Marriages" or Lose Legal Status
(05-01-2015, 07:55 PM)Cyriacus Wrote: It is on questions like these where the stark difference between younger and older conservatives are most evident. Older people, in places like Britain and the United States, can at least remember a time when national culture and society in general were in a fairly functional state of affairs, when the toxicity of the sexual revolution was not yet the prevailing paradigm. For this reason, many older people are still under the impression that we can win back the national culture in a unitary way, through measures that affect the whole nation, like legislation.

Younger conservatives, however, realize just how pervasive the toxicity has become, and the futility of measures that aspire to change the social order in our favor through legislation, when academia, popular culture, and the state are all operating as agents of true evil. Our focus is on saving people, preserving families and communities, from this entrenched evil. It is a more pragmatic approach, but it does mean that, for the time being, we have given up on the dream of things being anywhere near as healthy as they once were on a national scale.

Very well said.

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